Building a torrent rig….

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  • External HDD/External CD Rom or a Spare SATA CDROM/DVDROM
  • LCD
  • Keyboard and mouse…
  • Computer assembly know how.
  • Internet Connection…

1. Find a motherboard..(Cost: P2500)

PCX sells ITX motherboards that already has the processor and video card built in all you need to do is get ram for it.. Intel BLKDG41RQ/WV G41 X4500-V/S/L (From PCX) – this board contains takes DDR3 sodimm.

2. Get Ram for it.. (Cost: P800~P1200)

Get the cheapest DDR3 sodimm ram you can find, 1GB should be enough. 2gb would help, but not much as it will be used for torrents anyway. 2GB Super Talent 1066 SODIMM ddr3 (From PCX) – This ram is 2gb and costs 1,100 (As of 2010)

3. Get a case with a small power supply.. (Cost:1300-1650)

Emaxx EMX-CB01-ITX (TPC) – This casing already has a 150w power supply. a 150w power supply would be enough to power the board and a HDD. actually 90w should be enough. If you can find a case with a lower PSU then better. Remember were setting this up a s 24/7 rig less power the better.

4. Get a HDD…(Cost:1000~2500)

It depends on how much you want to store on the rig. If you can still find a 160GB SATA hdd then that would be enough (2nd hand market perhaps?). Ideally you would already have a larger hdd to store the downloaded content to anyway so theres no use in getting a big hdd on in there.

5. Put them all together… (Cost: Free!!! around 1hr work)

At this point you need to install the optical drive temporarily to install the os..

6. Choosing the right OS.

Any distribution of Linux would be fine. Im advocating linux this time because we want it cheap. Windows starter will set you back another 2,500 pesos..

7. Install uTorrent or any Linux Capable torrent software.

Β 8. Find torrents and enjoy!!!!

Total Cost (as of 2010):

– P7850 (Most expensive config)

– P5600 (Most frugal config)

if you dont have a keyboard and mouse then that would set you back another 500 pesos.

Β Enjoy!!!!

Note: I’m just reposting this. This is a old post so newer and cheaper parts may be available that consumes less power.. normally intel integrated boards works well for these types of rigs as they only consume around 10-15w of power.. Better is a Android device.. uTorrent and other torrent softwares are available for the Android Platform… iOS users sorry no luck for you unless you JB πŸ™‚

Conversations with a Hacked account…

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Below is a sample conversation that i had with a hacked account.

Chat Log – Begin


hacked account: musta na
Dan Cortez: yes
hacked account: musta na
hacked account: asan k now
Dan Cortez: makati bakit
hacked account: ahh ok
hacked account: hey may favor sana ako sayo
Dan Cortez: sure ano yun
hacked account: kasi need ko ng globe prepiad card n load?
hacked account: ok lang ba>?
hacked account: papabili muna sana ako sayo
Dan Cortez: cge ano yun
hacked account: ung prepiad card n load nga un
Dan Cortez: ahh cge ilan pre
Dan Cortez: globe or smart
hacked account: globe kasi need ko now
Dan Cortez: cge pasa load nalang ako sa iyo ano cp number mo
hacked account: hindi kaya pwede un
hacked account: kasi need ko kasi ung prepiad card
Dan Cortez: bakit?
hacked account: un kasi ung need ng k work ko hindi pasa load
hacked account: pang roming un kasi
Dan Cortez: men sa globe ako nagwowork e maniwala ka pede pasa load
Dan Cortez: give me your number
Dan Cortez: pass in ko nalang
hacked account: kasi madami kaya cla
hacked account: saka need nla ung tig 500
Dan Cortez: ahh talaga
Dan Cortez: cge paano bayaran
hacked account: ngekk
hacked account: may bank accnt kaba
hacked account: or western nlang
Dan Cortez: meron back account ano bank gusto mo
Dan Cortez: nasan ka ba ngayon
hacked account: oo dun nlang kaso matagal ung proces dun
hacked account: sa australia padin ako
Dan Cortez: nope mabilis yun
Dan Cortez: saan ka ba nakatira sa bundok
Dan Cortez: nagtransfer kami dati from sg to mla bpi
Dan Cortez: 1hr lang po
Dan Cortez: same din sa aus
hacked account: ahh ok sige dun nlang para ok
hacked account: ano makakabili kba now
hacked account: kasi need kasi un now
Dan Cortez: ilan ba?
hacked account: kasi need ko kasi 20 pcs n tig 500
Dan Cortez: ahhh dami a
hacked account: yup
hacked account: then pay ko sayo each card 20 usd
Dan Cortez: cge deposti mo muna cash dali na un pag nandyan pera
Dan Cortez: wag na
Dan Cortez: pay mo nalang as is
hacked account: ngekkk
hacked account: kasi wala ako pang abono now
hacked account: wala pa aksi salary ko
Dan Cortez: no cash no card sorry
Dan Cortez: wala din ako pangabono
hacked account: ahh ok
hacked account: sayang naman
Dan Cortez: ok lang un at least kinausap kita at wala kang naloko na ibang tao
Dan Cortez: kasi alam ko hacked tong account na to
Dan Cortez: hayup ka
hacked account is typing a message.
hacked account: ahh ok
Dan Cortez: tanga mo naman ako nalang lagi kinakausap mo
Dan Cortez: hoy hindot 5th time mo na ginawa to
Dan Cortez: ano nanahmik ka na
Dan Cortez: a-hole

hacked account has signed out. (2/11/2009 4:15 PM)

Chat-log end.

How do you avoid getting your account hacked you ask? Here are some notes that i think that can prevent your account from being hacked.

1. Avoid Clicking links on email that are being sent to you. Verify the source of the email first before doing any clicking.
2. Check if your connection to the server is via SSL and the key file is from the url. Ho do you do that you ask? just double click on the pad lock on the bottom of you browse you’ll know once you see the company name.
3. be wary of subdomains on the URL. A domain name is the name of the address right before the .com, .net, .org, etc. etc and not the word before that.

Samples of valid domains.

Sample of scrupulous domains.

Special mention to Ms. Maureen Araneta-Timbre.. thanks.

Ingat facebookers/ bloggers..
(Post was taken from originall facebook post.)

Vaping and RC… Related from the start.. :P

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When I started with RC (Radio Controlled) hobbies I invested in chargers. The chargers used in our hobby are quite good and the chargers being included in vaping stuff are crappy at best hehehehe.. so I deconstructed the supplied charger from my brand new KTS telescopic pv and wired up some connectors to my hobby grade charger.. so no more portable li-ion charger but hello 5 amperes heehhehe tho I can only charge these cylindrical cells with just 1c rate but having the capability to charge then with 2.5c is intriguing heheheeh (I have 2000mah li-ion cells btw if your wondering why 2.5c)..

650mAh Ego-T (Orig) with a Vivi Nova Tank..

650mAh Ego-T (Orig) with a Vivi Nova Tank..

Now that i have a full mech-mod with no electrical PCB’s im now vaping at 3.7v with my Vivi Nova tank with a 1.9ohm atomizer as read by a eVic… Good smoke so far..

Thoughts on Vaping

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I started off with vaping early last week. I did not know that vaping was so technical! as with all thing the more you know the more you will be confident with it and the better you can use it.

For the past 3 days i’ve been researching heavily on what the eff is vaping and i’ve come to a few conclusions..

1. It can ease the pain involved in quitting smoking but it does not necessarily kill nicotine addiction. Rather it replaces it with something else. What that “else” is depends on the person vaping. It’s very subjective.

2. You can quit with vaping by gradually lowering the amount of nicotine, but when you get to zero nicotine you still crave to produce smoke…YES it’s true some are actually fixated in looking like dragons blowing smoke out of their nostrills. (I’m guilty) so in the end you don’t quit vaping hahahaha, but you do minimize tobacco smoking πŸ™‚

3. It’s still a vice. You cannot save money by vaping!

4. It’s a lifestyle choice.. other say vaping is bad basically because they don’t understand what the eff your doing hehehe.

5. it looks like drugs for some because it uses a lot of paraphernalia.. this makes it fun.

6. Rebuilding atomizers is a chore but… if you have basic electronics background its quite easy.

7. It’s over-hyped.. the concepts are simple. the thing that complicates it is that its mainly based on personal preferences and the abstract concept of style is also employed in it thus abstracting it further.

8. It can be a bridge to smoking. Some people are actually taking up vaping which were not smokers initially. I bet you that they will eventually try a puff of tobacco one way or the other but.. the good thing here is that they may be turned off by tobacco in its entirety mainly because vaping taste better, smells better, and as other may say more “healthy” πŸ™‚

That’s it.. i don’t claim i know everything but these are the few conclusions i have come up with. I’m a happy Vaper… for now anyway.

My First blog…

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haha i finally got around to putting up a blog site… what do i plan to put up here? anything actually but im sure this will most likely be filled with topics about gadgets, RC, stuff i’m thinking about, stuff i might think about, stuff i plan about, and stuff i might sell… πŸ™‚